Terms and conditions for hire of BKCAT Cycle Circuit


Terms and conditions for hire of BKCAT Cycle Circuit

Clubs or hirers must be insured and have completed a BKCAT Cycling Circuit Request Booking form.

24hrs notice is required for cancelling a session, less than 24 hrs will incur the full cost of the session.

The circuit limit is 50 riders at any one time.

Clubs that are delivering coaching sessions must ensure that coaches are properly certified to level 2 British Cycling standards and have a valid DBS certificate. Certificates are to be made available to the BKCAT Cycle Circuit management team.

Hirers requiring the use of a coach must ensure that 2 weeks’ notice is given in order for the BKCAT Cycle Circuit to obtain a coach for the required session or sessions.

The coach/lead person must ensure that the group must always follow British Cycling guidelines and safety notices displayed around the circuit.

It is the coach’s/lead person’s responsibility to ensure that the circuit is safe to use, before allowing any riders on the track, all students/participants MUST wear a cycling helmet to British Cycling requirements.

The coach/lead person must conduct a Risk Assessment before using the Circuit to include the, environment, the group, venue and surface area; the group must be informed of this in the safety brief.

The coach/lead person must ensure that the gates are closed and secured during the period of hire to prevent others joining the group or trespassing.

A register of attendance must be kept by the coach to ensure all who attend are accounted for in the event of an emergency, the coach must complete the user monitoring form and return to the BKCAT Cycle Circuit management team at regular intervals or as agreed.

Any cycle hire requirements are to be made direct to the cycle circuit management team. (Request the T&C’s for cycle hire if applicable)

Any bike hire remains the responsibility of the rider, the coach is responsible for ensuring the bikes are returned free from damage and put away correctly, the bikes are collected from school at the time of circuit hire.

Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Appropriate clothing must be worn, don’t wear loose trousers or baggy clothing as it can get caught in moving parts.

Trousers and tracksuit bottoms should be tucked in to prevent them becoming entangled in the chain.

Shoes must be worn, with shoe laces tucked in.

Ideally riders should wear cycling gloves.

Bike to be safe to use

Any bicycle used must:

Be in good working order, have two brakes that work, be fitted with a free wheel

Be an appropriate size to allow the rider to participate safely in the session

Be appropriate to the environment, surface conditions and activity.

NOTE: Bikes without brakes and those that are fixed wheel are not considered safe or appropriate.


Either a standard or full-face helmet that conforms to a recognised Standard

Undamaged, in good condition, the correct size for the rider, correctly fitted and worn by the rider.

Safety Briefing

A safety briefing should be conducted at the beginning of every session by the lead person or in conjunction with the coach to ensure that riders and others involved in the session have the relevant health, safety and emergency information. Please inform all participants/riders of the BKCAT cycle circuit risk assessment.

Relevant information might include:

1, explanation of specific safety issues and hazards of the venue (i.e. identified in the risk assessment)

2, Ride around the circuit following the directional signs.

4, Stay away from the edges (grass verges of the track)

6, Helmets to be worn at all times, consider knee and elbow pads for young or novice cyclists.

7, Decide on an appropriate signal to indicate an emergency situation (such as 3 short whistle blasts) all riders must exit the track, completing the lap they are on.

Emergency Procedures:

Coaches/lead person must ensure that they have adequate first aid equipment and have a way of communicating with the emergency services if an accident occurs. A present coach/lead person much have a validated first aid certificate and this is to be made available to the BKCAT cycle circuit management on request.

In the event of an emergency all participants must exit the circuit, in the event of a fire or gas leak, cyclists must gather on the grassed area in front of the Sports Hall.

On reporting an emergency …

  • Ring 999 stating:
    • there is a fire or an incident.
    • Location, where you are, St Thomas a Becket Catholic Secondary School, Cycle Circuit Agbrigg Grove entrance Sandal Wakefield WF2 6AD .
    • Give details of the type of incident (if known)
    • Entrance for emergency vehicles is via the double gates near the main car park entrance. The club/group on booking will receive the key code for the emergency gate.
    • Your name and club along with the number of students/riders present
    • Report the incident to the bkcat cycle circuit team 01924 802127



On hearing the fire alarm

  • When the fire alarm sounds you must evacuate everyone within the facility to the assembly point (furthest point away from the building, bottom of the car-park.
  • Assist your visitors to evacuate the building, show them or tell them where the assembly point is (some visitors will not be aware of their location within the facility).
  • Ensure you complete a roll call of personnel you are responsible for report any missing persons to the Fire Officer.

Car Parking

There is 70 car parking spaces available for users of the cycle circuit.

The area that is shaded Red is the main car park for the circuit with the area blue at the front of the school being the overflow car park. (Shaded area cycling zone car park)The yellow bold lines leading to the entrance of the car park is strictly a NO PARKING ZONE.   Please see below map.


If you require additional car parking or you are delivering an event that will attract more than 70 Cars additional parking will need to be discussed with Management on booking.



Please note this does not substitute your session risk assessment – if you require assistance with your session/event risk assessment please contact the cycle circuit management team.

1,            The circuit has been fully checked and is free from frost or ice                    Y              N

2,            Circuit free from debris such as leaves, stones, mud, gravel etc.                                Y              N

3,            All users have signed and given contact info                                                        Y              N

4,            All users wearing a Safety Helmet/appropriate clothing                                 Y              N

5,            Safety Brief has been given/register completed                                                                Y              N

6,            All children are accompanied by an adult                                                               Y              N

7,            Gates are closed to prevent unauthorised entry                                                               Y              N

8,            Litter must not be discarded dispose of correctly                                              Y              N

9,            The coach or attendant has in their possession the following items:


Whistle                 Y              N             First Aid Kit         Y              N             Risk Assessment              Y              N

Mobile Phone   Y              N


Please report any accidents or incidents, damages or concerns to the BKCAT Cycle Circuit management by any of the following means:



01924 802127